Does the #TheMeshProject Body have an alpha system?

Yes! You will need to upgrade your body to Deluxe to use the alpha masking system.

How do I change my nail color on the mesh body?

To change your default nail color, set your skintone. To wear nailpolish, click the nailpolish 'feature' icon.

How can I wear my favorite skin, clothing or tattoo on the mesh body?

Please ask your favorite designer for support, compatible products, and to convert their products by applying here:

How can I wear mesh clothing with the body?

To wear mesh clothing we recommend purchasing the deluxe version which include a detailed alpha masking hud for the perfect fit!

Do you offer tight and loose fit clothing options for the mesh body?

Yes! Click Modify on your body in StyleMode, then choose between loose or fit to adjust your clothing layers. (Only compatible with upgraded female bodies.)

Can I demo skins with my MeshHead demo?

Yes, you can demo both skins from The Skin Shop, and third party designers, by selecting 'Try-On' in store or using a third party demo applicator. Demos will apply automatically, but third party demos require StyleMode to be worn. You can not save demos for later use.

I purchased a third-party installer for my MeshHead, what do I do?

Please wear the installer, and click 'Install' - if this does not appear, please contact your designer. After installation, please load up StyleMode, and click the * icon under Styles.

My neck is white on the mesh head?

Load up StyleMode (the Mesh Editor HUD available at the store), click the head and then click 'Skintones', next select the desired skintone you wish to use. This will automatically fix your neck.

I'm having issues seeing my head properly, most of the head is gone.

Please first enable 'Basic Shaders' and 'Hardware Skinning' in your Second Life graphics settings. This may also occur when using an outdated third-party viewer or other unofficial viewers. Please make sure you update to the latest viewer of your choice, or use the latest official Second Life viewer to ensure compatibility.

Can I hide the ears on the mesh head?

At this time this option is not available.

My rigged hair doesn't fit my MeshHead properly?

If a hair doesn't fit we recommend contacting the designer to apply for our hair fitting files so they can update their products, alternatively you could buy a supported hairbase from third party designers which will help to conceal visible scalp. If you have a hairbase you love, please ask the designer to create an installer for your MeshHead. Further more please make sure you update your head to the new fitted mesh heads, select the head you purchased in store and a redelivery button will appear.

Can #TheMeshProject Body shape be modified?

Yep! You can customize several body shape features using the classic appearance mode.

I'm using the Second Life standard face and my neck has a seam? Why?

If there is a visible gap, please check the following:
-Your shape setting for 'bodyfat' is set to 0.
-You're in an area with scripts enabled.
If all else fails, try relogging. For a completely seamless transition regardless of daylight settings, please upgrade your head to a high-definition Mesh Head from #TheMeshProject.

Are there clothing/tattoo layers for #TheMeshProject Body?

Yes! You will need to upgrade to starter (female only), basic, or deluxe for legacy clothing/tattoo layering capabilities. (StyleMode installers required, personal kits will be out after beta. If you're a designer please apply here:

Does #TheMeshProject Body fit 3rd party enhancements?

Some 3rd party 'fitted' mesh heads that line up with the classic second life avatar may be compatible with #TheMeshProject Body. All other 3rd party enhancements are not supported at this time.

My donation dress doesn't fit with #TheMeshProject Body?

The dress has been updated! Make sure to visit the store in-world to grab a redelivery :)